Military Grade Smartphone FishFinder


Introducing FishHunter, the world’s first military grade portable fishfinding sonar. FishHunter is completely portable and becomes your perfect fishing buddy allowing you to know the depth, temperature and location of fish wherever you decide to cast a line. $199.

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The World’s Most Advanced All In One Fishing App

When you’re a regular fisherman, it can be tough to remember what you caught and where you caught it. With the FishHunter all in one app, you have easy access to all your catch information including the type & size of your catch, a picture of your catch, the GPS catch location, & the type of bait used. You can also compare your fish to our extensive fish database or see what other FishHunters caught and where they caught it. When you use the FishHunter app, Fish can swim but they can’t hide.