About FishHunter™


About Our Company

FishHunter is a portable military grade fish finder gadget and mobile app

FishHunter Inc. was born in the primordial marsh between fishing and science. It was a business conceived in the possibility of sharing a small but powerful fish finder connected to a world class fishing app for Apple and Android phones. Powered by some clever Canadians that love fishing, the company embraces the business challenge of marketing the mobile app and gadget all over the world.  To wit, there are some imaginative photo contests for real prizes built right into the FishHunter mobile app that are designed to engage users and act as catalysts to grow passionate communities in five territories. By allowing people to Pin Maps with their Catches information and make public Logbooks, successful fishermen can grow an audience of admirers and perhaps use the data and the strength of their following to gain corporate sponsorships; FishHunter hopes to foster digital fishing celebrities. Be sure and read the FishHunter Blog for more details on how this Bluetooth enabled portable military grade fish finder (and the company behind it) is changing the game of fishing. FishHunter Inc. is also a proud member of both the American Sportfishing Association and the International Game Fish Association.


appetite lab mobile apps and startup labAppetite Lab is hungry for the future! This tech company makes meaningful mobile apps and software solutions to improve consumers’ quality of life today. With an app to help entrepreneurs, dog owners, and now fishermen (and fisherwomen) the tech company is changing the way people see and do things, and is inviting mobile users to be more effective at work and play. Each of these apps impacts an established industry, affects a sport, changes and disrupts the status-quo. Does the software help people? You bet. Appetite Lab is a mobile app development company based in Toronto, Ontario that was founded in 2012 by Michael Smith, the founder of Consumer Impact Marketing(CIM Ltd) and FieldMatrix, a business software solutions provider whose clients include Esso Imperial Oil, Fuji Canada and Rogers/AT&T. To bring the product to life, Smith has teamed up with fellow serial entrepreneur and engineer, Chester Yeum, who serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and oversees its development and production activities. Appetite Lab styles itself as an app incubator that uses state-of-the-art technology to design, develop, and market its own creations, as well as to advance other people’s creative innovations and profitable ideas. Don’t be shy  – reach out to us.