About FishHunter Fishfinder


Finally, FishHunter has evolved a fishfinder device so small it floats, so smart it can speak to mobile phones from 30 meters(80 ft) away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 36 meters (120 ft) below the surface. Engineered with military Sonar technology, FishHunter Fishfinder is a powerful downward facing fishfinder transducer combined with a world-class fishing app for Apple and Android phones.

Unlike its bulkier more expensive competitors which need to be installed, FishHunter Fishfinder can be carried in your pocket or tackle box and used anywhere you want to fish – from off the dock, to on the boat, to on the river bank, FishHunter’s portability allows you to fish where and when you want.


  • Military-grade piezoelectric crystal sonar transducer technology

  • Depth 36 meters/120 feet, with 3 different depth settings, versatile and accurate at finding fish of various water depths

  • Completely portable with no installation required

  • Bluetooth wireless range – 25 meters/80 feet, no cell tower connection required

  • Protective plastic rubber compound coating that floats on the surface and protects against water hazards

  • Accurate fishview mode means that anyone can find fish, no fishfinder knowledge required

  • Environmentally safe, shock resistant and waterproof

  • Portable and suitable for ice fishing, shore fishing, lake fishing, kayak, canoe and off your boat

Video: See The FishHunter in Action!


Tech Specs:

CompatibilityWorks with iOS and Android (any handset that has Android 4.0 and bluetooth) phones and tablets.
Body MaterialPolycarbonate and silicone.
Frequency Range381kHz
Pulse TypeContinuous wave.
Pulse Length25usec ~ 250 usec (10 ~ 100 wave length)
The pulse length increases as the detection range increases and varies.
Measurable DepthWe provide users adjustable depth ranges with automatic pulse width adjustment.
The adjustable depth ranges allow the users to choose the optimum range profile to
produce the most precise data for the body of water they are scanning. At present,
we’re officially providing 10, 20 & 30m depth.
Bluetooth Distance20 ~ 40 m
According to the weather (maritime situation), it can change if FishHunter body is shaken.
WeightFishHunter body 117.5 g, battery charging dock 24 g, USB-mini cable 16 g.
Power SupplyInternal 3.6 VDC 600 mAh battery.
Power Consumption0.1 mAh while waiting (or sleeping). 60 mAh while in use.
If the communication distance is long, it can go up to 150 mAh
Operating Time6-9 hours if used on the water surface continuously. 500+ hours if it is
waiting (or sleeping/not in use).
It can vary if the communication distance changes, especially if it is being
used on the water surface.
Temperature Range-30°C (-22°F) to 35°C (95°F)
Number of Pings/Sec4
Casting RangeUp to 80 feet
Fishfinder DepthUp to 120 feet
Cone Angle16°
Cone Area (3dB Setting)Depth: 32 ft (10 m) = 150 sq.ft (14 m2)
Depth: 64 ft (20 m) = 603 sq.ft (56 m2)
Depth: 98 ft (30 m) = 1356 sq.ft (126 m2)
Cone Area (6dB Setting)Depth: 32 ft (10 m) = 209 sq.ft (19.4 m2)
Depth: 64 ft (20 m) = 837 sq.ft (77.8 m2)
Depth: 98 ft (30 m) = 1883 sq.ft (174 m2)
Charging Time2 hours (to fully charged)
Battery Life6-8 hours (single charge)

Please Note:
When using the FishHunter for ice fishing please ensure that you have cleared the ice debris from your hole. Failure to do so will cause the fishfinder to not read correctly or to turn itself off.

PDF: FishHunter Vs. The Competition

FishHunter Fishfinder: User’s Manual

Click here to Download FishHunter’s User Manual

*Disclaimer: Compatible with North American & international versions of Samsung Android smart phones and North American & international versions LG handsets with Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. The handset must have the necessary hardware (Bluetooth, high resolution GPS) and software (Google Play Services). Taiwanese (HTC) and Japanese (Sony) handsets are not guaranteed to work with the FishHunter fish finder device.