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FishHunter App available for Android
FishHunter App available for iOS

The world’s best fishing app!

FishHunter is the most evolved fishing app in the world; it was developed after rigorous software testing in all marine environments and with input from hundreds of enthusiasts. Really this is the only fishing app you will need since it was created by reviewing all the existing fishing apps available and combining each of their best features into one app.

Both amateurs and professional anglers were asked what they wanted in a fishing app, and FishHunter delivered on their most popular requests:


FishHunter App available for Android
FishHunter App available for iOS

GPS advanced tracking and mapping

FishHunter offers you the most advanced tracking and mapping available in an app today. Place pins on a map and add key information on that “Fishing Spot” by adding photo’s, text or other fishing information you think is critical.

Identify hazards and find marinas, bait shops or other fishermen in a matter of seconds by using our intuitive mapping interface.

It is easy to drop, select, group, rate or share spots with other FishHunters!


Catches Log-Book

The FishHunter “Catches” function allows for extensive logging of every catch you make. Track:

  • Type of fish
  • Fish weight & length
  • Bait used
  • Pictures of catch

Use your data to find that exact catch and how and where you caught it! Use our mapping feature to see its location so you can go to spots where you have the most success.

Looking for a new place to catch fish? Browse the CATCHES area to find other FishHunters in your area and see what they are catching.


FishHunter Fishfinder (Sold Separately)

The Fish don’t stand a chance when you combine the FishHunter app with our Fishfinder:

  • Track fish location
  • Map your lake
  • Find fish habitats
  • Check water temperature

You are truly hunting when you add this piece of hardware to your tackle box.

Shop for our Fishfinder.

fh_sonar fh_rawsonar

Sharing & Networking

Finally, hard proof to back up those fishing stories!

Share catch information and photos instantly through the FishHunter social sharing and networking by tapping into your regular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

In addition, Follow other FishHunters (app users) and share as much or as little info as you like to gain a FishHunter advantage!


Fishing Trip Crucial Planning Toolkit

FishHunter helps you get ready for a fishing trip by keeping the most important information readily available to you. Crucial pre-trip planning tools take your fishing trip to a new level, ensuring plenty of catches.

  • FishHunter Moon Forecast: giving you the best possible moon cycles target dates for being on the water.
  • Short and Mid-term Weather Forecasts: ensure that when you are out there the fish are biting.
  • FishHunter Fish Database: we provide you with pictures of hundreds of different species of fish, where they like to hide and what bait to use to catch them.
fh_mooncycle fh_weather

Every Day Fishing Contests!

Hey you fish hard, so why not get rewarded for what you love to do? At FishHunter we offer you a chance to enter your best CATCH photos in one of our many photo contests.

With multiple contests on the go at any given time, app users are able to enter their photos with the click of a button for a chance to win great prizing.

Even if you don’t want to enter, you can vote for friends and other FishHunters who think deserve to WIN.

fh_contest fh_contest2


FishHunter App available for Android
FishHunter App available for iOS

For more information and tutorials, check out our videos page with more instructional videos.